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Large packaging

This boxes, pallets and other structures which are designed for the transportation and / or storage of large and heavy products.

Optimal for transportation machines, individual components, assemblies and mechanisms which are used in industrial production.
Produced from strong wood materials, using plywood, metal elements and characterized by its reliability and durability.

Possible to produce using lodgements, spec. painting, reinforced elements, amortization backfill, water-repellent coating, vacuumization, drying agent backfilling.

Works on the production of such tare as a rule performed on the territory of the customer in close proximity to the transported products, it enables more accurately perform the production of container and immediately immerse and pack the transported products. We have a brigade specifically for such works, which with their  tools quickly perform their tasks.



-the possibility of large dimensions.
-indispensable when you need to transport oversized and irregular shaped products;